Sweet Smiles Society is a collaboration of people who donate their time and skills to help children who are less fortunate.

Sweet Smiles Society currently aide’s three orphanages in Mexico and has created a building project in Huatulco, Mexico: Our Family Preservation-Orphanage Prevention Project.

The purposes of the Society are to operate in Canada or abroad:

  • To relieve poverty by providing basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, equipment, clothing, and/or shelter to abused or needy children.
  • To advance education by providing books, equipment, scholarships, and educational aids to orphanages and schools


Sweet Smiles Society's Magical Balloon Burst

Join us for this Facebook Live Event on Saturday, March 19th at 7 pm with our hosts Brian & Rebecca from Beach Radio. We are raising money for Sweet Smiles Society and on March 19th giving away some incredible prizes during the Live Balloon Burst broadcast. 

Thank you for helping children live the lives all children should be living!

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Brian & Rebecca from our 2021 Balloon Burst

Our Sponsors

Sweet Smiles Society is raising funds for Declan Arthur
On Sept. 29th, 2021 Declan was in a very bad ATV rollover. He was airlifted to KGH 6 months ago but was recently transferred to Vernon Jubilee Hospital, where he remains in a minimal conscious state (vegetative coma state). His parents are by his side 24/7 as he is still unable to communicate. Declan will need 24-hour care for the rest of his life, due to the injury he sustained in his accident and the financial stress is quickly adding up.Costly renovations and specialized medical safety equipment are needed to bring Declan home.
Gord and Angie really need our help.They are desperately trying to make the home their children grew up in, safe, so that they can bring Decan home.

Membership, Focus & Work Trips

Sweet Smiles Society focuses on relieving poverty and transforming the lives of children, by providing much needed home furnishings, bathroom/plumbing renovations, kitchen appliances (stoves, fridges), washing machines, dryers, sewing equipment, food, bedding, mattresses, bed frames, educational aides, books, school supplies, clothing, shoes, toiletries, personal hygiene products, bathroom sinks, bathroom taps and toilets.

When larger items are purchased for the orphanages (i.e. appliances, furnishings, mattresses), a member of Sweet Smiles Society is always present during the purchase & delivery of those items. Larger items are purchased in Mexico.

Membership is $69.00 a year and 100% of membership fees go towards replacing and purchasing mattresses for children in need.

Individuals/Members, who decide to join Sweet Smiles Society on Annual Construction Aide Trips (usually the 2nd or 3rd week of January), are responsible to pay for their airfare, food and accommodations.

While abroad, members of Sweet Smiles Society, also donate 100% of their time, labour and skill (construction, renovations, painting and welding) to help provide a safe functioning home for the children.

Join Us On A Trip

Annual Work Trips – One Week Long

“Ciudad de Angeles Orphanage”

Cozumel, Mexico

Accommodations: Hotel Mary Carmen

Please contact Barrita Durward, to join Sweet Smiles Society on a Construction Work Trip.




Family Preservation-Orphanage Prevention Project

Rebuilding Self-Worth & Value within Families

Through the Huatulco, Government Land Grant Act, indigenous individuals are entitled to land grants in this area of Mexico.

However, due to poverty for most of the residents, building a home on this land is not feasible & most families of this area live in small single rooms, sharing a bathroom with several other families.

With your support, Sweet Smiles Society is building homes for families in need. The family’s investment is sweat equity and they invest 800 hours into the build of their home.

When families own their own homes, they gain the financial independence & stability they need for a better future. This new project not only helps families in need, its building stronger communities and it helps to re-build self-worth, value and pride within the family.